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Interviews and Campaign Chairman appointment

Boris Johnson did an interview with the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg in which he said the existing deal negotiated by Theresa May “is dead”.

In relation to getting a new deal he said:

“I think actually that politics has changed so much since 29 March” and that he thought “on both sides of the Channel there's a really different understanding of what is needed.”

Former leadership candidate announces support for Boris Johnson

Appearing on last night’s BBC TV debate, Boris Johnson stressed the importance of delivering Brexit on time, uniting the country and moving forward with a positive agenda, saying:

“We are in a national political crisis. We have a responsibility to deliver Brexit on the 31st October. This is the only way we can bring our country together and deliver a positive agenda to improve people’s lives with better education, better infrastructure and better technology.”

Boris Johnson releases his latest video, which you can watch here!

MPs from across the party have today come together to back Boris Johnson as the man to unite the country.

Damian Green has endorsed Boris as the man to ‘maintain values of moderate Conservatism’, with Andrea Leadsom endorsing Boris as the only candidate who can successfully get us out of the EU by the end of October.

Others who have backed Boris today include Tracey Crouch and Mark Lancaster as the latest polling shows Boris to be 40% ahead of his nearest challenger amongst the members.

Former leadership candidates unite to back Boris Johnson

Former leadership candidates Matt Hancock and Esther McVey have announced their support for Boris Johnson to be Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister, describing him as the only candidate who can unite the country and provide an optimistic vision for the future.

New endorsements boost Boris' campaign as results of first round of leadership election announced

The results of the first round of the Conservative Party leadership election have just been released. Boris Johnson received 114 votes, the largest number of all candidates.

Boris yesterday launched his campaign to become Leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party. He stressed the importance of delivering Brexit this year in order to restore trust in politics and unite the party and the country, while also highlighting his ability to take on Corbyn’s Labour Party.

Launch Speech Full Transcript

Good morning.

Thank you Geoffrey for that introduction.

It is a measure of the resilience of this country that since the vote to leave the EU, and in defiance of all predictions, the economy has grown much faster than much of the rest of Europe.

Polling shows Boris best for General Election

A new ComRes poll has found that the Conservative Party would do far better in a General Election with Boris Johnson as leader than with any other leadership candidate. The polling suggests that the Conservative Party would win a 140-seat majority, beating Corbyn and Farage.