Interviews and Campaign Chairman appointment

Boris Johnson did an interview with the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg in which he said the existing deal negotiated by Theresa May “is dead”.

In relation to getting a new deal he said:

“I think actually that politics has changed so much since 29 March” and that he thought “on both sides of the Channel there's a really different understanding of what is needed.”

Boris was very clear on the Brexit deadline:

“My pledge is to come out of the EU at Halloween on 31 October. And the way to get our friends and partners to understand how serious we are is finally, I'm afraid, to abandon the defeatism and negativity that has enfolded us in a great cloud for so long and to prepare confidently and seriously for a WTO or no deal outcome.”

In the interview, Boris also said:

“I am a centre-right progressive modern Conservative and I will govern from the centre right because that is from the centre because that is where you win. That is where the broad mass of the people are. They understand that you need a dynamic market economy to pay for fantastic public services and infrastructure. And you need fantastic public services and infrastructure, great NHS, great education, to enable business to have the confidence to invest.”


LBC Interview

This morning, Boris appeared on Nick Ferrari’s LBC breakfast show and took calls from members of the public on a range of issues including Brexit.

On Brexit he said:

“There is one candidate standing in this contest who represents a fresh way of actually getting us out of the myre and who will deliver Brexit on October the 31st. I’m afraid the other candidate who is standing would simply kick the can down the road.”

He also said:

“Anybody who looks at my record - this is incredibly important - knows that I’m a progressive modern Conservative. That i believe passionately in improving the lot of everybody in society. I ran London, as you will remember, from the big centre of politics and we did some fantastic things for our city and I want to do those things for our country.”


TalkRadio interview

Boris appeared on TalkRadio where he was interviewed on a range of issues. On Brexit he said:

“I fought for Brexit and believe in it, unlike any other candidate in this election.”

And on whether he categorically ruled out a further Article 50 extension, he responded resolutely “Yes” and that it was a “do or die, come what may” position.


Campaign Chairman

Boris Johnson has appointed Iain Duncan Smith MP as the campaign chairman for the membership stage of his leadership campaign. He will be working closely with James Wharton and Mark Fullbrook.