Polling shows Boris best for General Election

A new ComRes poll has found that the Conservative Party would do far better in a General Election with Boris Johnson as leader than with any other leadership candidate. The polling suggests that the Conservative Party would win a 140-seat majority, beating Corbyn and Farage.

You can read the full summary of the polling in The Telegraph.



Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay has today announced he will be backing Boris. Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said:

"As Brexit Secretary I have seen first-hand the challenges the Government has faced in ensuring that we honour the result of the referendum and leave the European Union. We must leave on the 31st of October – any further delays will continue to fracture public trust in not only our democratic system but also the Conservative Party.

"We need a leader who will deliver Brexit and who has the ability to defeat both Corbyn and Farage.

"We also need to seize the global opportunities of Brexit and renew a sense of optimism in the potential it offers. The candidate best placed to do that is Boris Johnson and he has my full support."


Environment Minister and MP for Suffolk Coastal Therese Coffey announced she would also be backing Boris, saying:

"Boris is the only person who can make Brexit happen on time and reach out to many parts of our country to deliver a better, brighter Britain. He’s a proven election winner and building on a great record of leadership and action in our capital and national events like the Olympics, he can achieve the same for our country."


Lord Bamford, chairman of JBC, told The Sun why he was backing Boris based on his business credentials:

"I’m backing Boris because Boris knows that when British business does well, so does Britain. And he knows that it’s the job of government to create the conditions that allow British businesses to succeed: to create the jobs and generate the corporation tax which, together with the income tax paid by hardworking people, is largely what funds our schools, the NHS and other vital services.

"Boris has already proven his leadership credentials as Mayor of London, a role he fulfilled - for eight years - with both style and considerable skill. He was a wonderful ambassador, particularly in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics when he promoted London as a destination not just for overseas visitors but also for overseas investment, notably in our financial services sector. Above all, he always put London, London business and the people of London first; and as Prime Minister, he would do the same for Britain."


In The Times, four MPs (Lucy Frazer QC, Solicitor General and MP for South East Cambridgeshire, Marcus Fysh, MP for Yeovil, Richard Drax, MP for South Dorset and Damien Moore MP for Southport) have come together, writing in support of Boris:

"The only way to halt the rise of Farage is to deliver Brexit, like the voters demanded in their droves in recent elections. We must show the electorate that they can trust us to deliver.

"We must recover our hopeful message of an outward looking, global Britain and reassure voters that we are still very much on the side of hard-working people. We need a leader who can espouse a vision for Britain. A leader able to talk confidently about our commitment to tackle climate change. A leader who can convey our Conservative message in glorious technicolour calling out Corbyn.

"Only Boris Johnson can do that. Only he can sell a One Nation vision for Britain that excites in Sunderland just as much as it does in Somerset. He has our support and he deserves yours."